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Line Embroidery



6 .95

Embroider block of text with 25 characters. 12 popular embroidery fonts are available in 50+ colors.

Stock Logo Embroidery



7 .95

Stock logo will be embroidered as per the colors mentioned, or suggest your desired colors for a personalized looks.

Custom Logo Embroidery




Custom your logo design as per your liking and let our embroidery experts manage the rest.

Embroiderable Products



Get your logos, names or monograms embroidered in a variety of fonts. With more than 12 available fonts, you get to choose your preferred style.



Choose from vast assortment of more than 50+ thread colors for embroidery. Make use of your favorite colors to give your lab coats an enticing looks.



Our database boasts 299+ logos for personalized embrodered chef wear, fine-tuned to your unique needs, ensuring customization that sets us apart.


Reliable Chef – Taking Your Chef Style Up by a Notch with Personalized Embroidery

Experience the luxury of culinary perfection with our chic range of personalized chef coats, custom chef jackets, hats and aprons. With Reliable Chef, we reimagine chef wear by offering bespoke embroidery solutions that amplify your style quotient and enhance your elegance.

Discover the epitome of culinary chic with our exclusive line of personalized chef wear. At Reliable Chef, we redefine kitchen couture by offering bespoke solutions for chefs who demand excellence. We craft every element to fit your culinary identity, from the deft lines of an embroidered personalized chef coat to the eye-catching flair of personalized chef shirts, we've got you covered.

Top of the Line Quality, Superior Craftsmanship

Discover the superior quality of our personalized chef jackets that pair style with comfort. Our commitment to deliver nothing less than the best ensures that every stitch is a true reflection of your style and dedication to your culinary passion. Elevate the look of your restaurant, with our range of custom chef coats featuring your name or logo to mark your existence in the culinary spectrum.

Personalized Chef Coats, Jackets and Aprons For Your Elegance

At Reliable Chef, we understand that professionals require the best chef wear to match their culinary goals. Take advantage of a quick turnaround time without sacrificing the fine craftsmanship of your personalized chef coats, custom chef jackets, aprons and more. You will leave a lasting impression because your personalized chef wear will be tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the culinary stage.

Best Pricing, Unmatched Value

Get ready to experience the grandeur of your culinary journey with a contemporary yet cost effective knack. We offer the best pricing at Reliable Chefs without compromising on quality. Be it your custom chef shirts, jackets, and more, get the best value for money. We aspire to make your culinary style simply timeless.

Customer Service That Stands Out

Make use of our excellent customer service representatives to unleash your culinary confidence. Our dedicated and friendly support staff ensures that all your queries and concerns are dealt with absolute precision making your purchase worth the wait. From the initial seam to the last delivery, get unmatched assistance as we bring your culinary dream to a reality with bespoke and personalized chef accessories.

Elevate your chef attire beyond the ordinary-choose Reliable Chef. Be it personalized chef coats, custom chef jackets, aprons, hats or more - get an entire ensemble of culinary elegance. Trust us, your culinary identity deserves the finest stitches.


1.What makes your personalized chef coats better than other standard options?

A: We use high-quality fabrics to expertly manufacture our customized chef coats, emphasizing comfort and longevity. Your logo's unique touch gives it an exuberant flair that elevates your culinary identity. Our personalized chef coats thus take your look from mediocre to extra ordinary.

2.What is the estimated delivery time for my personalized chef shirts, coat, and jackets?

A: We understand the value of prompt deliveries. Your personalized chef uniform is manufactured with rapid accuracy, guaranteeing it arrives in your kitchen within 3-5 working days, so you can make an impression with your chef wear and culinary skills.

3.Is there a minimum order quantity, or can I just get one piece?

A: We meet your expectations whether you oversee a staff or you are a lone chef. There is no minimum order amount; you can outfit your whole kitchen crew with our custom chef wear or just order one embroidered chef jacket.

4.What range of prices are offered for personalized chef coats and shirts?

A: We remain steadfast in our dedication to affordability. View our selection of personalized chef wear, offering competitive and transparent prices. We are committed to providing unrivaled value without sacrificing the superior quality that is the hallmark of our brand's name.

5.What is the procedure for customizing, specifically about logos?

A: The process of customization runs seamlessly well. After you place your order, our design specialists will collaborate directly with you to guarantee that your logo is perfectly included into the chef wear of your choice. We ensure that you will be happy with the finished product by sending you previews for approval.