Unisex Server Waist Apron With Three Pockets DI-DC56 $5.49

Unisex Four-Way Waist Apron DI-DC55 $6.49

Unisex Full Bistro Waist Apron With Two Pockets DI-DC58 $6.99

Unisex Cobble Bib Apron with Tie Sides DI-DC50 $7.99

Unisex V-Neck Tuxedo Apron with Snaps DI-DC53 $10.49

Unisex Poplin Short Sleeve Cook Shirt DI-DC60 $12.49

Unisex 10 Button Chef Coat DI-DC49 $15.99

Unisex Classic 8 Button Chef Coat DI-DC45 $15.99

Unisex Classic Knot Button Short Sleeve Chef Coat DI-DC48 $17.49

Unisex Classic 10 Button Chef Coat DI-DC47 $17.49

Unisex Classic Cloth Covered Button Coat DI-DC44 $17.49

Unisex Elastic Waist Cargo Pocket Pant DI-DC12 $17.49

Women Classic Pearl Button Chef Coat DI-DC414 $17.49

Unisex Classic 10 Button Chef Coat DI-DC46 $18.99

Men Classic Zip-Fly Dress Pant DI-DC16 $19.49

Unisex Classic Fabric Buttons Chef Coat DI-DC43 $20.99

Unisex Double Knee Baggy Elastic Baggy Pant DI-DC15 $20.99

Unisex Traditional Baggy with 3 Pocket Pant DI-DC11 $20.99

Unisex Classic Cool Breeze Chef Coat with Piping DI-DC411 $23.49

Unsiex classic Cool Breeze Chef Coat DI-DC412 $23.49

Men Zipper Fly Traditional Baggy Pant DI-DC14 $24.49

Unisex Executive Double Breasted Chef Coat DI-DC41B $24.49

Women Executive Double Breasted Chef Coat DI-DC413 $24.49

Men Elastic 5 Pocket Cargo Pant DI-DC10 $27.99

Unisex Executive Chef Coat with Piping DI-DC42B $27.99

Men Classic Elastic Waist Zip Trouser DI-DC13 $29.99

Dickies is a great name and leading brand in the culinary clothing industry. Therefore, Reliable Chef covers you with our smart selection of Dickies restaurant uniforms just to make your shopping extraordinarily elegant and immensely convenient. Fashioned and formulated of quality fabric in creative designs by top-notch designers, the costumes are great at giving your restaurant staff professionally attractive look that is bound to please your customers.

Looking for style, ease and functionality in one apparel! Reliable Chef brings you just the thing by Dickies restaurant uniforms. The hospitality uniforms of the brand include chef aprons, bistro shirts, chef coats, baggy pants, skull caps, chef hats, and beanies. Available in bright colors and cute prints, the restaurant uniforms are creatively designed to give you a professionally appealing appearance. The multiple pockets on various chef uniforms offer immense convenience for service items. Made of soft and breathable fabric, all these products are great at keeping you cool and comfy in your hot kitchen. With various functional features, these laundry-friendly items are smartly engineered to provide you ultimate ease of wear with enhanced durability and added comfort. Your Dickies garments with restaurant logo embroidered on it would be a great promotional idea for your business. Moreover, it would be the smartest way to serve your customers with your company name and brand recognition. Shop at Reliable Chef for many advantages including:

  • Outstanding variety of many great colors, shapes, patterns, styles, and features
  • Designed and articulated under food industry regulations and standards
  • Safe Exchange & Return Policy
  • On-time speedy delivery
  • Ample discounts and huge savings
  • Impressive custom embroidery services at a very low cost

You can get your personalized Dickies uniforms customized by opting to add embroidery of your name, restaurant logo, and more details as per your company requirements and professional needs. Just give us a call at 1.866.969.4763 (8AM-9PM Mon-Fri EST) and we will be happy to assist you!

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