Get in a classy yet fashionable look! Reliable Chef brings you a vast collection of Chef Accessories creatively designed to give you a professionally attractive look. Available in many great colors, beautiful prints, and stunning styles, our catering uniforms, chef hats, bowties, ascots, and vest are great at upgrading your restaurant’s dress code and appeal your customers with your appearance. Place an order now for your full chef attire to give you a complete professional look!

Chef Designs Chef Designs Unisex Neckerchief CH-NP12 $2.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Satin Bow Tie ED-TT00 $3.99

Fame Fabric Fame Fabrics Unisex Money Web Belt FA-F51W $3.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Black Apron Bow Tie ED-BT10 $4.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Clip-On 20" Tie ED-CL00 $4.99

Fame Fabric Fame Fabrics Unisex Poplin Neckerchief FA-C22 $4.99

Fame Fabric Fame Fabrics Unisex Bow Tie FA-F43 $4.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Clip-On 22" Tie ED-CL22 $5.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Crossover Tie ED-CT10 $8.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Solid Color Tie ED-SD00 $10.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Herringbone Neckerchief ED-HB60 $13.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Herringbone Tie ED-HB00 $13.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Zipper Tie ED-ZT00 $13.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Honeycomb Twisted Ascot ED-HC60 $15.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Solid Satin Mixed Weave Scarf ED-SC57 $15.99

Augusta Sportswear Augusta Sportswear Men's Three Button Vest AU-2145 $16.36

Edwards Edwards Women's Floral Scarf ED-SC52 $16.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Checkerboard Chiffon Scarf ED-SC53 $16.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Solid Crinkle Chiffon Scarf ED-SC56 $16.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Floral Chiffon Scarf ED-SC51 $16.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Narrow Striped Tie ED-RP00 $16.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Tonal Stripe Tie ED-TS00 $16.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Quint Stripe Tie ED-QS00 $16.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Diamond And Dots Tie ED-DT00 $17.99

Fame Fabric Fame Fabrics Men's Fitted Vest FA-V41 $18.99

Fame Fabric Fame Fabrics Women's Fitted Vest FA-V42 $18.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Crossroads Scarf ED-CR50 $19.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Silk Chiffon Splatter Floral Scarf ED-SC60 $19.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Crossroads Tie ED-CR00 $19.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Trellis Tie ED-TR00 $19.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Nucleus Twisted Ascot ED-NT60 $20.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Leather Garrison Security Belt ED-BC00 $20.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Circle and Dots Neckerchief ED-SC54 $20.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Honeycomb Silk Tie ED-HC00 $20.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Mini-Diamond Tie ED-MD00 $20.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Circles and Dots Tie ED-CD00 $20.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Wide Stripe Tie ED-SW00 $20.99

Edwards Edwards Men's Nucleus Silk Tie ED-NT00 $20.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Reversible Leather Belt ED-RB00 $22.99

Edwards Edwards Men's Economy Vest ED-4490 $24.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Economy Tunic Vest ED-7270 $27.99

Edwards Edwards Unisex Leather Dress Belt With Brass Buckle ED-BP00 $28.99

Edwards Edwards Men's Firenza Vest ED-4550 $29.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Firenza Vest ED-7550 $29.99

Edwards Edwards Men's Diamond Brocade Vest ED-4390 $31.99

Edwards Edwards Men's Swirl Brocade Vest ED-4391 $31.99

Edwards Edwards Men's Satin Shawl Vest ED-4495 $31.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Diamond Brocade Vest ED-7390 $31.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Swirl Brocade Vest ED-7391 $31.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Satin Shawl Vest ED-7495 $31.99

Edwards Edwards Men's Bistro Vest ED-4392 $33.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Bistro Vest ED-7392 $33.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Sleeveless Tunic ED-7551 $33.99

Edwards Edwards Men's Grid Brocade Vest ED-4396 $33.99

Edwards Edwards Women's Grid Brocade Vest ED-7396 $33.99

Add extra style to your chef uniforms with one of our chef ties or bowties. Reliable Chef brings you a wide collection of smart kitchen accessories specially fashioned and formulated to upgrade your personality. There is a variety of ascots in multiple colors and cute prints that will give you a great look on your chef aprons. Our online store contains a huge range of ties, ascots, and vest in beautiful prints, beguiling patterns, and bright colors to best match with your restaurant uniforms. Our restaurant hats and caps on chef jackets are fashioned to reinforce your performance and upgrade your restaurant’s reputation and image. Apart from chef accessories, you can get your personalized aprons protecting your cook apparel from splashes of meat and vegetables on cutting boards. A fat chef kitchen décor and well-dressed staff in kitchen aprons with their smart chef accessories are must have for a beautifully decorated restaurant. Mentioned below are key reasons why people choose us:

  • Diversity in style, design, colors, shapes, and many other features
  • Fashioned and engineered under food industry regulations and standards
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  • Top notch custom embroidery services at affordable rates